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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The shard of Glass

The other day
I picked up a piece of my broken heart.
It wasn't a large piece,
Not very big at all, very small, in fact.
It was more a sliver,
The size of a shard of glass.
'How odd,'
I thought, ' that this could hurt os much!'
'This little speck
Caused my life and soul love so great,
And still
I ripped itself out of my heart,
And I was
In agony and terrible pain for days.'
I cried for weeks and still.
'How could I keep
Something that hurt so much?'
It was a piece-
No, it was my heart and life
I could not put it back; it was only part mine now.
So I took
The tiny piece into that forbidden closet.
In my heart,
Where he is a part of me.

(this was written, unedited, circa 1989-1990 by Me for a High School publication; found it digging through old things)

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