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Saturday, May 2, 2009

random thoughts of an unstable woman in disguise

This blog is the start of a journal of sorts. I have at various times, in the nearly four decades of my life, started journals. Each is incomplete; most have been lost. It has been years since I've put my thoughts down in writing, but it has been a long time since I've *needed* to. Today, I feel the need to write out my thoughts in order to process them. My thoughts run through my head so quickly that my hands cannot keep up, leaving those small muscles in incredible amounts of pain and an illegible mess of what should be skillfully intertwined letters. I have found typing allows me keep up with my thoughts, and my hands better appreciate it. They can almost keep up, as my fingers move at nearly 100 wpm these days.

You won't find profound musings and deep revelations, but just random thoughts of a woman trying to gain control of her life and mind. Thoughts that may offend, confuse, or even put off those who know me. I can't promise daily, weekly or even monthly writings. At best, you'll find randomness of an unknown schedule. I find writing therapeutic and a relief to the disguises that I find I must wear in the real world which sometimes hide the real me that is screaming to get out.

For those who know me, it is well known that I'm a pretty quiet person, but once you get me talking, I love to talk. Be forewarned, once the reading of the blog begins, there will be no shutting me up.

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